New Relationship with Guzman Energy to Power YVEA Forward

YVEA has signed a 15-year agreement with Guzman Energy to provide wholesale power to the cooperative. This agreement is expected to save YVEA members tens of millions of dollars over the 15-year term. To honor existing contracts, the transition from current wholesale provider Xcel Energy will take approximately five years.

Why We Are Doing This
Our decision to transition to Guzman Energy to provide wholesale power was guided by the ‘Four Rs’ – Rates, Reliability, Renewables and Relationships. We have listened to our members, and this agreement powers us forward to deliver reliable and affordable electricity that incorporates more renewable sources and helps us stabilize rates.

What Won’t Change
While Guzman Energy will be the wholesale provider of electricity, YVEA will continue to partner with Xcel Energy to deliver this power to YVEA members through the Xcel transmission system. That means YVEA’s service will remain just as reliable as it is today. Transitioning from Xcel Energy to Guzman Energy will be a straightforward and hassle-free process. You won’t notice any difference except the rate stabilization on your monthly bill, and financial stability for YVEA.

Rates: Delivering affordable electricity to the Yampa Valley
YVEA has faced consistent increases in wholesale costs over the past few years, including a rate hike of 14% in 2023. The agreement with Guzman Energy will stabilize member energy costs through predictable, fixed wholesale power rates. That’s what our members have asked for, and that’s what we are delivering in partnership with Guzman Energy.
Renewables: On track to be 80% carbon free by 2030
Today, 42% of YVEA’s power comes from renewables, including an agreement with Xcel Energy that allows us to generate 3% of our power with local renewable energy. With Guzman, we are on track to become 84% carbon-free by 2030, including the opportunity to meet an additional 15% of our load with power from contracted local renewable energy projects.
Reliability: Reliable service and customer satisfaction
While Guzman Energy will transition to our wholesale provider of power starting in 2028, we will continue to partner with Xcel Energy to deliver that energy to you through Xcel’s transmission delivery system. Guzman Energy has a strong track record of reliable service and customer satisfaction, and as a result our service will be just as reliable as it is today.
Relationships: A partner who understands and values our community
Guzman Energy has significant experience in the cooperative energy market. The company has partnered with numerous other cooperatives across North America to reduce wholesale power supply costs and keep rates stable for their members. Additionally, Guzman Energy has a history of being a good community partner that invests in the communities it serves.